Nintendo Sites
New Nintendo System! Nov 5! Nintendo!!! TendoBox No Comment Nuke
Lies, lies lies! The first to get pictures of
Nintendo games. Nintendo Buy a Gamecube Planet Gamecube The official page of the makers of <b>Goldeneye RareWare
A Cool N64 Page NintenDojo Same as NintenDojo N64 Underground
Other Videogames's equivilant. Only for Playstation. IGNPS2 News about computer games. Super-extensive. Updated daily. Blues News Play classic games on your Dreamcast, from Atari to NES DC Emulation
Classic Gaming: A Great Emulation Site with roms. Techno Remixes of videogame music Overclocked Remix Seanbaby: Hilarious NES page. Laughed my ass off. SB's NES Page
Great site for Half Life News and Downloads. Loads hella slow. Planet HL Wavelength: News and Tutorials on editing Half-Life Half-Life Editing News on console-based emulators. Consolevision
Game Development
About Game Development Home of the Torque Engine Garage Games
Other Interests
A DVD movie meview site. Digital Bits Use Javascript of varying quality to kill pop icons. Assassin OH! THE HUMANITY! Reviews of BAD movies. OTH!
Self-explanatory. Great news source with archives. MTV Online Get South Park sounds and mov's. Get stuff about other shows Comedy Central  A Smashing Pumpkins Site. Super Extensive, Updated almost daily. Netphoria
A cool lazer tag place, but it is only in Cleveland, Ohio. Laser X-Treme White Snake!!!!!!! White Snake Page The page of the  franchise where I used to work with my 'family'. IGA Page
My high school, if you care about that sort of stuff. It's a Blue Ribbon School. Yeeeeeeeeeee-HAW! Olmsted Falls It's kooky Something Awful A very sick site.
Doctored pictures of everyday products, pimpified to the max. Very well done. Hilarious, for example, Honey Smacks --> Bitch Smacks. The Afro Squad My Favorite Comic Strip. over 100 of them available for viewing. Very disturbing. Red Meat Search for any song, artist, or album title, and get info on where and when it first appeared, who sung it, etc. Has 30 second Real Audio clips of most songs, too. Use the Power Search for best results.
A kitchy look at the past Retro Crush Weird Site about Anime and Videogames Toasty Frog Weird, sick site. Stile Project
Anime DVD news and reviews DVD Animania Same as DVD Animania Anime on DVD Tons O Reviews Akemi's Anime
Massive and well-organized database of links fr hundreds of anime pages Anime Turnpike Download Japan-only anime episodes. 1 megabyte per minute of anime, for free Luna Arts Has a list of sites where you can download full episodes of anime FEAVL
A very detailed list of ALL the changes made to Dragon Ball Z for american airwaves DBZ UncensoredLike Anime Turnpike, but smaller. I-AnimeAnother Turnpike-Like Site Anime Network
Friends Pages
Mark H's new page. Marks' World Cool background, cool GIF's, links to cool bands, etc. Matt Derry's Page
Odd, but funny as hell. Matt V's "Nebula Productions" A Collaborative Site I work on, LIKE MAXIM The-Staff
A friend of Mark H's page. Nice Art. Orskasmatron From the designer of Cops Cornner, mostly PC Gaming links Don O's PC Gaming
Web Comics
Video Game Humor Penny Arcade About the making of a syndicated action show Kung Fool An odd collecion of comics
Bad Movie Reviews
 A collection of short movie reivews, updated often Stomp Tokyo Lenghty, super detailed reviews Jabootu And You Call Yourself a Scientist?!? Like Jabootu A.Y.C.Y.A.S.?!?
Reviews with elaborate background info Teleport City Short Reviews Bad Cynical Reviews of current movies Mr. Cranky
Search Engines
The one I use Hotbot
the one with the damn dog Lycos
I don't like this one. Yahoo
Hot Chick Sites
Read it for the articles Playboy
Pictures. Has a nice free area Bashful Monkey
Large index of non-nudes Famous Babes